Top Ten Tuesday: Standalone Books that Need a Sequel

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly book meme created by The Broke and the Bookish, and is now hosted by That Artsy Reader Girl.

I rummaged through my Goodreads shelves trying to find books that I wanted to have a sequel. Since I read a lot of thrillers there are lots of books I’ve read that don’t need sequel as the story is nicely tied up within one book, and a sequel would mean they lost some of that impact.

So here are 5 books that I need a sequel for.

Good Omens – Good Omens is probably going to appear on a lot of these lists, as one of my favourite books. While I’m aware that it is very unlikely that there will ever be a sequel to Good Omens, you can only have one apocalypse, I would gladly read a 500 page book about Crowley and Aziraphale with no other plot. Their friendship is amazing and I need more of it.

Asking For It – This was an amazing, emotional, book. Emma is sexually assaulted and this book deals with the aftermath
The ending of this book was frustrating, but realistic, and I’d love to a sequel set 5/10 years later about how Emma is dealing with the long-term effects.

Sharp Objects – Camille returns to her hometown to cover the murder of two preteen girls, and in doing so must face her neurotic family, and her past. This was a disturbing thriller with a lot of twists.
This is another book where I would like to read about the characters 10 years later, and how they dealt with the revelations of this book.

The Perfect Child – Hannah and Christopher have always wanted a child but were unable to have one. When Christopher treats an abused and abandoned child he thinks she will be the perfect addition to their family. Hannah’s not so sure, but nothing she says will convince him otherwise. Read my full review here.
I’d love to read a sequel with Janie as an adult to see how she’s changed growing up

The Host – okay, this feels like cheating slightly as The Host was supposed to be the first book in a trilogy, but since it has been 10 years since it was published, I feel justified in adding this to the list.

What books do you need a sequel for?

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