The Perfect Child

The Perfect Child – Lucinda Berry

Hannah and Christopher have always wanted a child but were unable to have one. When Christopher treats an abused and abandoned child he thinks she will be the perfect addition to their family. Hannah’s not so sure, but nothing she says will convince him otherwise.

This was an uneasy read in a good way. I couldn’t put the book down but it creates an uncomfortable feeling. Children are supposed to be innocent and it’s always unsettling when they act in a way that doesn’t fit with this belief.

This book started with a police interview, before going back to the start of the story, which I’m not usually a fan of but it worked well in this book. I thought I’d guessed what was happening early in the story, but what I thought was happening changed throughout the book, and I still didn’t guess the ending.

There’s the obvious parallels between this and Bad Apple/Baby Teeth by Zoje Stage, but while they both centre around manipulative children this did feel like a very different story.

My rating: 4.5 stars, and I’ve added other books by Lucinda Berry to my TBR list.