Reading This Week: 10 June 2019

I finished a few books last week and got back on top of my blogging. I wasn’t as active on Twitter and Instagram as I would have liked so that’s something to work on.

I’ve been really busy at work, and that’s going to carry on for the next two weeks, but this is the kind of busy I like being. I have a trip to Aberdeen this week, which will be a long day, but also means I’ll get to spend at least four hours reading on the train (and it will count as work time). When travelling for work we have an agreement hat we will ignore each other until we get there as we like spending the train journey reading (and it’s too early in the morning to speak to anyone).

I’m not sure yet what I’m going to read this week. Because I’m so busy with work I don’t want to plan too much, rather I’ll see what I’m in the mood for.

I have an upcoming book tour next week which I’m really excited about (my first one) but I’m still waiting for the book to turn up so hopefully I’ll be reading that this week.

I finished my reading corner last week so I’d have a nice, cosy space to read. Unfortunately Dominick has decided it’s the best nap spot in the entire house so I don’t actually get to use it.

Dominick enjoying his new nap corner

What are you reading this week? How are your reading goals going?

Reading This Week: 3 June 2019

It’s the first full week in June which, in theory, means we’re almost in summer. However I live in Scotland and it’s rained every day for the last week so I’m not convinced.


This week I have a few books that I bought recently after seeing great reviews by other blogs. There have been lots of fantastic reviews for Dead Inside over the last week so I had to buy a copy to see what all the fuss is about. I saw a lot of reviews for 55 when it was first released, and it sounds really interesting, so when I saw it on sale in the kindle store I had to but it. Degrees of Guilt has also had a lot of great reviews so I immediatley bought a copy.

I haven’t read as much as I would have liked for the last couple of weeks, but I’m really excited for all of these so hopefully they’ll get me out of my reading slump.

What are you reading this week? Have you ready any of these books?

Reading This Week: 20 May 2019

So I only finished three books last week, but I’m not sure what took up all of my time (other than watching Eurovision).

This week I’m planning on reading the books I didn’t get to last week, and making a start on my stack of library books. These are all of the books I currently have out from the library, and it’s starting to get out of hand.

Looking at this picture, I’ve realised that I’m only supposed to have 12 books from the library, so two of these haven’t been scanned out properly. Oops.

I haven’t read any library books in the last couple of weeks. Where I live the mobile library comes once a week, but I’m out of the office several days in June so I’m going to miss three weeks. So I’m hoping to read as many as I can in the next week so I can return them before the end of June.

What are you reading this week? Have you read any of these books? Do you have any recommendations on what I should start with?

Reading This Week: 13 May 2019

It’s Eurovision!!!

This week is Eurovision and I am ridiculously excited. Eurovision is possibly my favourite event of the entire year. I cannot wait. I’ve been excited for the last two months, and am already listening to the songs for this year. Which brings me onto the first book I’m planning to read this week.


I first saw this book back in March, and the basic premise is Eurovision in space. That was the only thing I needed to know before ordering this book, but I wanted to wait until Eurovision to read it. Hopefully this will live up to my expectations (by which I mean be completely ridiculous like actual Eurovision).

As well as Space Opera, I have a really exciting reading week planned.


I ordered I Know Who You Are back in 2017, and managed to get one of the slots on The Pigeonhole, that meant I could start reading it a week early, so I have the final few sections to read this week.

Lost Daughter is another pre-order that I’m really excited to read. I wanted to start reading this straight away, not realising that I’d have to wait for two months, so I’m thrilled that it will be downloading this week.

I’m a huge Hannibal Lecter fan, so I had to order Thomas Harris’s new novel. I didn’t even read the blurb before ordering this, so I have no idea what it’s about.


My final two books for the week are the first books I’ve been approved for on NetGalley. I’m starting to feel like a proper book blogger now, and I can’t wait to get started on these two. The Honeymoon and The Face in the Crowd are both thrillers, so exactly the type of book I love to curl up with of an evening.

This feels like an ambitious week, particularly as I’ll be spending three evenings watch Eurovision. I have more of a desire than usual to not go to work, and instead spend all day reading.

What are you reading this week? Have you read any of the books on my TBR for this week? Most importantly, will you be watching Eurovision?

Reading This Week: 6 May 2019

We’re into the first full week of May, it’s a bank holiday in the UK, and the weather is miserable (as is standard for all bank holidays in the UK). This does give me a great excuse to stay inside reading all day though.

I only finished two books last week, not as many as I had hoped. I need to try and set aside more time for reading during the week.

Cover of Exile by Glynn Stewart
Cover of the house wife by Valerie Keogh
Cover of Ink

I only read one book for the Avengers Readathon last week, so I need to read a lot more this week if I’m going to finish on time. These three books are the ones I’m most looking forward to reading from that list.


I’ve seen quite a few posts about Envy recently, and the kindle version was on sale so I’m hoping it will live up to my expectations. I’ve ended up with too many books from the library, and The Humans cannot be renewed so I’m moving that to the top of my library pile.

I’m behind on my books from The Pigeonhole, so I’m hoping to finish at least one of those this week, and A Good Enough Mother has been there the longest (and is possibly due to expire soon).

Dominick opening his presents from Mummy
Dominick making sure there’s nothing left in the gift bag

It was also my cat’s birthday on Wednesday, and because I am insane a wonderful mother, he got presents, a cake and a balloon. Dominick also got a present from my friends cat Lily, they’ve never actually met but they have an adorable pen pal relationship in which they send each other cards and presents. I have never written a Thank You card for a human, but I have now given one to a cat (from Dominick of course).

What are you reading this week? Have you read any of the books on my TBR, and what did you think?

Reading This Week: 29 April 2019

I’m back in the UK and almost back in Scotland. My holiday was amazing, but very full on so sadly did not leave much time for reading, or any free time in general, so I only managed nine books, including two review copies. Reviews for these will be coming in the next couple of weeks.

I’m back in work this week and have my orchestra concert in two weeks so it’s already looking pretty busy for the next fortnight (in a good way).

Stardust by Neil Gaiman

The Martian by Andy Weir
For We Are Many by Dennis E Taylor

I haven’t managed to finish either of the readathons I was doing this month yet, so I’m hoping to read Stardust, The Martian and For We Are Many in the next couple of days so that I can at least be done with the O.W.L.s Magical Readathon on time. I still have five books to read for Unsolvedathon so I won’t finish that in April, but I am going to leave the remaining books near the top of my TBR.

Cover of Exile by Glynn Stewart
Cover of THe One by John Marrs
Cover of Ink

I also posted about the Avengers Readathon before my holiday, so I’ll be starting on my TBR list from this. This runs until the middle of May, and only has seven books so hopefully I’ll finish this on time.

I also need to watch Avengers Endgame (probably Thursday) and catch up on Game of Thrones (as soon as I get home) as urgent things on my to do list.

What are you reading this week? If you were doing any readathons have you managed to finish them on time?

Reading This Week: 8 April 2019

I had a great reading week, I finished seven books last week. I read five books for my readathons (four for the O.W.L.s magical readathon and one for the Unsolvedathon). I’ll be posting reviews of some of these this week. I’m hoping that I’ll be able to set aside just as much time for reading this week.

I have a few review copies to read this week. I’m particularly excited about The Lights which I got a paperback copy of. This and The Humid don’t have any reviews, and Room 11 only has a couple so I don’t have any expectations going in and I’m really excited.

I’m also planning on reading Circe and The Chalk Man for the Unsolvedathon and Cruel Acts starting on The Pigeonhole.

How was your reading last week? What are you reading this week?

Reading This Week: 1st April 2019

We’re officialy in April, I can’t believe we’re already a quarter of the way through 2019. Today is the start of the O.W.L.s magical readathon and Unsolvedathon, so I’m making a start on my reading lists.

I’m starting my readathons with We Were Liars, the Disney retellings A Whole New World and As Old as Time, and Murder Games. These are all quite short so should be quick reads to help give me a good start to the challenges. These are also all paperbacks, and I’m on holiday from the middle of April so I want to read these first so I only have to take my kindle with me.

I’m also going to be reading A Good Enough Mother and Close to the Edge on The Pigeonhole. I read The Passengers on the app and it’s an interesting way to read a book, if sometimes slightly frustrating to have to wait for the next part instead of reading it all at once.

What are you reading this month? Are you taking part in any reading challenges or readathons?

Reading This Week: 25 March 2019

Last week was incredibly busy at work and the first half this week doesn’t look like it will be much quieter

I only finished two books last week, both on a work trip south of the border. I’m hoping to have more time to read near the end of the week, after all the work deadlines have passed.

I started In Bloom at the weekend so I’m hoping to finish that early this week so I can make a dent in my library books. I’m also reading The Passengers by John Marrs, through The Pigeonhole. This is my first book through The Pigeonhole and it’s an interesting way of reading. I have to wait for the next part to be released rather than racing through the entire book.

I have Nine Perfect Strangers by Liane Moriarty and Roadwork and The Running Man by Richard Bachman (a pseudonym of Stephen King). I also have an audio version of Dark Places by Gillian Flynn so these week seems to be exclusively thrillers.

There’s a rare book fair in Edinburgh on Saturday so I’m planning to go along for a couple of hours and probably spend too much money on books

Here’s a picture of my little boy Dominick, looking particularly photogenic, on a walk on Saturday. This was taken approximately 45 seconds before the tiny moron tried to catch a bee and was subsequently stung.

Reading This Week: 11 March 2019

I finished a few audiobooks last week and I’ve already added more to my list for this week.

The Halloween Tree – I have several books by Ray Bradbury on my TBR list, but I haven’t read many. This is a short listen to start off with.
Altered Carbon – This is sci-fi mixed with crime mystery, two of my favourite genres combined, so this should be a really fun listen.
The Dark Web – I read and watch a lot of crime dramas and the dark web is often mentioned so I’m looking forward getting a more detailed picture of what it is.

I’ve also bought several new books for my kindle so I have a few recent releases that I’m looking forward to reading.

What’s on your TBR list this week?