Review: Safe and Sound

About the Book

Cover of Safe and Sound by Philippa East

Home can be the most dangerous place…

In a small London bedsit, a radio is playing. A small dining table is set for three, and curled up on the sofa is a body…

Jenn is the one who discovers the woman, along with the bailiffs. All indications suggest that the tenant – Sarah Jones – was pretty, charismatic and full of life.

So how is it possible that her body has lain undiscovered for ten whole months?

My Review

Safe and Sound is a thriller that builds layers of tension throughout the story. While it was a slower paced story, I thought it worked really well in this book. Rather than feel like it was dragging the story out, it felt well crafted, adding more clues, reveals, and questions at just the right place. 

There are hints that Jenn may be an unreliable narrator, so you’re not sure whether to trust her, adding to the mystery of the story. The added uncertainty of whether to trust Jenn, and not knowing what happened in her past, add to the building tension and keep you guessing about what’s really going on. 

The flashbacks throughout the book build up a separate plot and characters, bringing everything together at the end in a satisfying conclusion, tying up the different threads of the story. 

Thanks to Netgalley and HQ for my copy of Safe and Sound.