Review: Take Me In

When a stranger saves their son’s life, Tessa and Marcus owe him everything. After they return home from their holiday they see Dave Jepsom everywhere. He’s at their house, they see him when they’re out. Is he stalking them, and what does he want?

I didn’t enjoy this book. I really liked the premise, but I just didn’t connect with the story.

The story alternates chapters from Tessa’s and Marcus’ point of view, but neither of the characters are likeable. They’re thankful to Dave at first, but they soon begin to resent him and suspect he’s not as nice as he seems. The parents don’t want to be reminded that they failed to protect their child, and Dave’s presence serves as a reminder of this. Without the references to the fact that something terrible was going to happen, all of Dave’s actions would seem perfectly innocent.

The ‘twist ending’ was predictable, and was dragged out far longer than necessary. It seemed like it was going to be revealed several times, only for the chapter to end. I assume this was to try to build suspense, but instead it felt annoying. The story came to a sudden end shortly after and felt unfinished.

My rating: 2 stars.
I didn’t enjoy Lie To Me either, so I think this will be my last Sabine Durrant book.