Review: Lost Boy

Once I was young, and young forever and always, until I wasn’t. Once I loved a boy called Peter Pan.
Peter will tell you that this story isn’t the truth, but Peter lies. I loved him, we all loved him, but he lies, for Peter wants always to be that shining sun that we all revolve around. He’ll do anything to be that sun.
Peter will say I’m a villain, that I wronged him, that I was never his friend.
But I told you already. Peter lies.
This is what really happened.

Lost Boy, Christina Henry

I really enjoy story re-tellings from the point of view of the ‘villain’, explaining why they’re really misunderstood. Lost Boy is told from the point of view of Jamie, when he’s one of Peter’s lost boys, explaining how and why he became Peter’s enemy, Captain Hook.

From the very start of this book, it’s obvious that Peter is the real villain of the story. We see how Jamie cares about all of the boys, while Peter sees them as toys, there to entertain him and be discarded. If boys have to die so that Peter can have his fun, Peter can always get more from the other place.

These boys will never grow up because they’ll never have the chance to.

Jamie has been on the island for years with Peter, he was the first lost boy, but throughout the story we see Jamie become slowly disillusioned with Peter and Neverland, ageing as he does. Through Peter’s impulsive actions and indifference to the lives of the boys he ‘rescues’ we see Jamie’s love for Peter slowly turn to hatred and gain an understanding of Captain Hook.

Henry’s version of Peter doesn’t contradict the Peter created by J.M. Barrie, or the version we see in the Disney film. It’s very easy to see Peter’s actions in these as selfish and uncaring, rather than those of the kind hero we thought.

My rating: 4 stars

Book Haul: 13 March 2019

I went to The Works this week and got a huge stack of books. Going to any bookshop is dangerous, as I will leave with at least one book, but The Works is particularly dangerous as it’s so cheap. I got 23 books for a total of £35.30. The fact that some of them will likely sit on a shelf for six months before I get around to reading them is irrelevant.

Chaos Walking – I’ve seen a lot of good things about this trilogy so I’m really excited about reading it. I’m going to try and set aside a weekend to read all three.

Murder Games – I tried watching the TV show and wasn’t a fan. I thought the plot was interesting, but the TV show felt quite rushed, so I’m hoping the book will be better.
James Patterson and Ian Rankin are usually pretty enjoyable mysteries so I almost always buy the books that I haven’t read yet.

We Were Liars – I’ve seen a lot about this and been considering reading it for a while, so I’m glad I can finally add it to my TBR pile.
The other four don’t have many ratings on Goodreads so I’m excited to find some books that I don’t have any expectations for. The Girl in the Green Dress by Cath Staincliffe was one of my favourite reads of 2018 so I’m hoping that The Silence Between Breaths will be almost as good.

The rest are a mix of thrillers and mysteries.

The Truth About the Harry Quebert Affair – I watched the TV adaptation earlier this year and enjoyed it and I’ve been wanting to read the book for a while now.
In Bloom – This is the sequel to Sweetpea which I read a couple of years ago. I wasn’t expecting a sequel so I’m interested to see how this measures up.

What was your most recent book haul like? Do you plan what books you’re going to buy or do you just go to a bookstore and see what takes your fancy?

Reading This Week: 11 March 2019

I finished a few audiobooks last week and I’ve already added more to my list for this week.

The Halloween Tree – I have several books by Ray Bradbury on my TBR list, but I haven’t read many. This is a short listen to start off with.
Altered Carbon – This is sci-fi mixed with crime mystery, two of my favourite genres combined, so this should be a really fun listen.
The Dark Web – I read and watch a lot of crime dramas and the dark web is often mentioned so I’m looking forward getting a more detailed picture of what it is.

I’ve also bought several new books for my kindle so I have a few recent releases that I’m looking forward to reading.

What’s on your TBR list this week?

Reading This Week: 4th March 2019

I started Beartown and Her Last Move last week so I’m planning to finish those before I start anything else.

Beartown isn’t the type of book I’d usually read, but I accidentally placed a hold at the library, so I thought I’d try it. Her Last Move is my usual crime thriller, and I read another book by John Marrs earlier this year which I really enjoyed, so I’m looking forward to spending an evening reading this.

This week at work is going to be mostly coding and staring at excel spreadsheets, so is perfect for listening to audiobooks. I have Solaris by Stanislaw Lem and Sphere by Michael Crichton downloaded already. The Dark Web and The Detainee are next in my queue. I always listen to audiobooks at double speed so I should be able to get through a few before this piece of work is finished.

I also have The Chalk Man and Lost Boy from the library that I’m hoping to read this week.

I have a bit of a love/hate relationship with re-tellings and alternate versions of fairy tales and classic stories. Some of them are amazing, but I usually find that a lot are released, or become popular, around the same time, and it quickly becomes overdone. That said, I’m excited about Lost Boy. I haven’t seen any of these stories about Peter Pan before, and I enjoyed Alice by Christina Henry

It feels like a fairly ambitious list of books, as I also have tickets to the midnight showing of Captain Marvel and a cat that doesn’t approve of lie-ins, so I might be zombified on Friday.
What are you planning on reading this week?